Tips to Move While Raining

Moving from one house to another is something that can easily be done. Perhaps you have already chosen date weeks or months in advance without considering the possible weather of that particular day. When the weather forecast is signifying that you are unlucky today, then you need to do your part and take some additional precautions to make sure that your moving project will be drier and smoother a much as possible. Below are some tips that can help you to easily move in despite the bad weather.

Monitor the weather forecast

If there is one thing that can abruptly change than the weather would be the weather forecast. When it predicted that you will experience sunny skies 1 week before your moving day the last time you checked, try checking it again. Perhaps you will notice that the forecast constantly changes as the big day gets nearer. Hence, check the weather forecast daily to be prepared.

Secure your floors

Regardless if it is your old stomping ground or your new house, rainy weather can commonly indicate that you will walk in mud and water. So, make sure to place some of your old towels, which are not covering your glassware, in every doorway for you to prevent harming your flooring,

Have everything wrapped

Given all the stressful packing as you prepare to move out, we sometimes tend to become a bit lazy and just wrap the essential boxes. In this case, there’s a big possibility that it is the less important things that you will open last in your new house. Hence, when some of them are the reason why water is tracked in your home, you will see nothing but a mess as you unpack them for real. The key to this would be to just wrap everything. This way, you will see that all of your things are in good condition regardless of what you open last.

Stock up on bin bags

Huge bin bags are heaven-sent when it is raining on your moving day. With little cost and prep, you can have everything you have waterproofed.

Waterproof important belongings

When something is very precious and has a sentimental value to you, never let it inside your bin bag. If you can, it’s best to have every important item waterproofed using its own plastic wrapping and bag. This way, you can make sure that they won’t be damaged during your moving process.

Shorten carrying distances

If you are packing boxes inside or you are actually in transit, rain does not matter that much. However, it gets hassle once you are moving your furniture in the rain. If possible request your delivery provider to have their truck park on the garage or even right up on your door to reduce the time your things and furniture will be exposed to damp, moisture, and rain from the outside.

Hire a professional moving company

Moving one home to another will be a breeze if you just rely on it to the professional Melbourne to Brisbane removalists. They will do all they can to secure your things and keep them from the rain.

Guidelines to Achieve a Stress-free Move

Regardless if it is moving across the country or just down the streets, moving from one place to another can be a stressful and demanding task to do especially for everybody involved. Through you might be tempted to just organize your things at the last minute, the best method is still to be proactive if you want to how to deal with moving. Here are some of the tips you can do to achieve that, leaving you more time to enjoy what the future has in store for you in your new home.

Have your children out of your home

If your children are not old enough to assist you, it will usually make moving to a new home a more stressful one and time-consuming since you cannot concentrate on the task you have at the moment. This includes your pets as well. So, if you’re planning to sort your things out, it would be best to arrange for your pets or kids to stay at the house of your friend or just use a babysitter who can look out for them during your moving day.

Label your boxes and make lists

A good way to deal with moving stress is to tackle the issue before they happen. It’s imperative to label every box you have for you to easily find the things you want to take out once you arrive in your new home. Categorize every single box you have and do not forget to label them and consider having color-coded boxes according to your rooms. Moreover, make an inventory list to track down what’s in every box and how many boxes you have with you.

Sort through your things

A move is an ideal chance for you to arrange your things and know what you actually want to bring with you, donate or discard. It’s unreasonable to lug your things to your new house that will just be placed in a corner while accumulating dust. Go through all of your rooms and pick the things that you still want to use and those that you don’t anymore. This can make setting up a new place a quicker and easier procedure.

Begin to pack in advance

Packing your things the last minute will only result in more lapses and harm than good, especially if you’re moving out from a huge house. Instead, the best thing to do would be to start packing as soon as you have confirmed your move. A great time to start preparing the packing, begin with storage items and non-necessities would be 6-8 weeks before your moving day. You can still pack lesser time than that and you can still experience a smooth process. But, make sure not to pack the day before your moving date.

Contact an expert removalist today

If you think that you cannot do all of this alone as you move out, then hiring interstate removalists Sydney to Gold Coast can surely help you out with all of your moving needs. Just call us and we will be there.

How to Work with a Mover

Are you planning to move? Whether you are moving internationally, interstate, or locally, the main aspect of how well your move goes is your choice of mover. You’ll want a moving company that can cover your particular type of move to prevent common problems with moving.

After you have hired reputable and reliable interstate removalists, you can prevent common issues with moving.

Commercial Moves

You’ll have to be more cautious to prevent common issues with movers if you’re moving an entire business or office. The date can be compromised if computers or paperwork go missing. The downtime can cause a huge financial impact if movers flake out or are late.

Hire a moving company that specializes in commercial moves. They can make your move quick, easy, and fast.

Storage Options

Things often occur that are out of your control. On any occasion, you need to have a backup plan. This includes a place to store your belongings that is not on the truck of the mover.

Ask the movers what their backup plan is in case they can’t unload on schedule. It’s best to have a moving company that has access to a storage facility.

Pet Transport

Your move can become much more difficult if you’ve got to move family pets. It might not be very hard to move locally. However, an international move can mean additional layers of difficulty. A lot of companies will not or cannot handle pets. However, they might not tell you upfront. Thus, this can become a problem later on.

Before you hire the company, make sure they already handled pet transportation a lot of times in the past.

Damages During a Move

It’s quite frustrating to have your valuable items damaged after the move. This can result in disputes with your mover over who is accountable. To prevent damages, you’ve got to guarantee the items are properly packed from the beginning.

You have to ensure you’re completely insured for the replacement value of every item of the move. Clearly label every box with a list of the items it contains.

Moving Inspection

You should look out for fraud moving companies that provide cheap prices without bothering to fill out an inventory or look at your belongings. It’s a red flag to fail to assess before signing a contract. This can be an indication that you can end up with your items held hostage until extra fees are paid.

To prevent this, you should hire a reliable company. Read reviews first to ensure they don’t have any complaints from their previous customers.


You do not have a lot of options if the mover doesn’t show up or show up late if you book them through a broker rather than a reliable company. Pick a reliable mover that’s dependable and offers great service. Reading reviews and testimonials is an excellent way to do this.

You can also ask around to see if you’ve got co-workers, neighbors, or family members who have an excellent experience with a moving company.

Things to Look for in a Removal Company

Choosing a removal company isn’t that easy. According to research, most people weren’t happy or satisfied with their choice.

Of course, you’ve got the right to seek compensation if you feel that your move hasn’t been properly or adequately handled by the mover. However, it is a lot better to avoid issues in the first place by hiring a reliable company.

Luckily, it isn’t really difficult to look for a reliable moving company. Here are several things to look for when searching for interstate removalists Sydney.


It’s vital to examine with the moving company about their insurance policies and what processes they’ve got in place if something wrong happens. This will help lower the possibilities of damage to your belongings and provide you choices if the move does not go as planned. You should look for another company if the mover doesn’t provide proof of insurance.

Trained Employees

Poorly trained movers are a danger to your items, their co-workers, and to themselves. You shouldn’t risk property damage or injury because of hiring untrained movers for your next project. That’s why you should ask for more information about the training process that workers undergo for any moving job.

Does the company have a training school for its employees? If the answer is yes, talk with the moving company to ensure that new hires are informed enough about proper documentation, packing, inventory tracking, safety, customer service, removals, and moving.


Moving does not simply mean you need a van or a truck to offer a high-quality end-to-end process. You should ask yourself if the company you are planning to hire can show that it has access to the types of tools required to finish the job properly.

This includes unique packing materials and knowledge, a fleet of cars in excellent working shape, and tools for helping movers with transporting, sliding, and lifting bulky and heavy items. Confirm that the provider has experience moving specialty items if you’ve got weird items that require moving, such as pianos.

Do They Have the Ability to Move?

First and foremost, think about where you are moving. Are you simply moving several huge belongings down the street? are you moving to a new home interstate? Or are you packing up and moving to another suburb? Perhaps you are even moving abroad.

You should ask yourself if the moving company you are planning to hire can really handle the move. Almost every reliable service provider can handle a local move. However, if you’ve got to directly ask somebody to know if they can do an international or interstate move, you’ve got to be skeptical. They can be improvising if the service isn’t listed on their site but they say yes to your question.

Are They Certified?

You’ve got to be careful of moving companies that are not certified. There is nothing that can guarantee you that they meet the standards of the industry if they do not have the seal of approval. Thus, you’ve got to ensure they’re certified.

Choosing the Right Removalist Company

The process of moving can be a bit daunting. This is particularly true for homeowners who are not ready. It’s a popular mistake to greatly underestimate the amount of time and energy you’ll need to commit to removing and packing all items from your house, preparing for the move, and much more. Fortunately, interstate removalists Brisbane can help.

Pick the Ideal Type of Home Removal Service

It is vital to know the forms of services available so that you can think about the advantages of each:

  • Local Removals

This is an ideal option for homeowners who are locally moving home. This is for people who can pack their own items but will require help with the truck-loading and unloading and heavy pieces of furniture.

  • Interstate Removals

Hire an interstate removals company if you’re undertaking a long-distance move. You can look for full-service or self-pack options in this type of service.

  • Full-Service Removals

If you require help with the whole process, from lugging huge furniture securely to packing fragile items, a full-service removal will do all of this job for you.

  • Container or Self Pack Removal

This type of service will provide a huge moving container to your home. After you fill it up, they will move the container to your new house. Keep in mind that you’ll be completely responsible for unloading, loading, and packing of the items.

Talk to Providers About Your Particular Needs

You will want to talk with the company to talk about the details of the move. It is vital to pick a provider who can adapt to your needs, from extra relocation services for your art pieces, pets, or cars to your particular moving dates.

In addition to that, you need to think about hiring a moving company that supports contactless removals if you’re planning to move during the Coronavirus pandemic. This will help you encourage a safe move.

Ask for Estimates

You should look around and ask for estimates. You can start the estimate process over the phone or online. In general, you will be asked to offer your basic move information and details about how many room’s worths of furniture and items the move will include.

Companies can also offer a pre-move survey. For those who don’t know, this is a short virtual assessment or an in-person inspection of your house. This job will help in offering the most precise estimate for the move. In addition to that, it’s an ideal chance to meet the movers in person and guarantee that you’ll feel at ease having them handling your items.

Compare Estimates

Keep in mind that estimates will not always be one-to-one comparisons when comparing them. The reason for this is that every provider will provide a bit of a different range of services. You should consider the services the provider can offer and think about how it suits your budget and needs.

Common things included in the estimate:

  • Applicable taxes
  • Deposit needs
  • Extra services such as pet relocation
  • Storage fees and options
  • Dates of service and expected move time
  • And much more